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Big Train Chai is the perfect blend of exotic spices, honey, and tea. This delicious Chai is a powder which can be enjoyed by simply mixing with hot water for a warm, soothing drink, or served over ice as a light, refreshing beverage! This unique packaging allows for long-lasting, non-refrigerated storage. Try all ten savory varieties: Spiced, Spiced (Decaf), Spiced (Low Carb), Vanilla, Vanilla (No Sugar Added), Raspberry, Green Tea, Chocolate, Spiced Apple, and for a limited time, Gingerbread (3.5 lb. bag only). Our chai is available in Single Serve, 12 oz., 5.6 oz. / 2 lb. (Low Carb Spiced only), 1.9 lb. (Spiced & Vanilla only), and 3.5 lb. sizes.

Big Train Chai – Vanilla Chai (3.5 lb. Bulk Bag):


Tantalizing blend of black tea, honey, ginger and exotic spices. This inspiring combination of ingredients creates a rich, smooth taste to refresh your body & soul. Drink chai, embrace life!

Buy 4 bags (1 case) and this item ships for free! Purchasing by case means the items ship faster in the factory packed box!

Each bag yields 36 (8oz) drinks.

Served HOT or COLD.

Preparation / Recipe:
For Hot Chai Latte: Mix 3 tbs. with 6 oz. of hot water.

For Iced Chai Latte: Mix 3 tbs. with 2 oz. of hot water. Pour over 8 oz. ice, then add 2 oz. of cold water or milk.

Ship Weight: 4 lbs.

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